Episode 0017: Multicultural America: "Ethnic Hair Care and Entrepreneurship in America"

In 2007, Arizona State University and Johnson C. Smith University sent three scholars -- William Brashears, Yvette Hall, and Jemayne King -- to three American Cultural Centers to present on aspects of race in the United States. In this podcast, Yvette Hall of Johnson C. Smith University ("Ethnic Hair Care and Entrepreneurship in America") examines race through the intersection of hair care and corporate culture following a brief question and answer session, in which she is joined by William Brashears of Arizona State University ("Discussing Race in America: Whiteness Studies") and Jemayne King of Johnson C. Smith University ("The Development of American Sneaker Culture") engage with two facets of the topic.

This recording was made at Sichuan University on March 30. The two prior lectures took place at Guangdong Baiyun University (March 27) and Guangzhou University (March 28).